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Las Vegas Home Insurance

For some, Las Vegas home insurance is one of the most valuable insurance policies you can purchase. Your policy not only protects your valuable asset, but also provides coverage in case of legal action against you. Did you know that if someone slips on your driveway you can be held liable for damages? Its strange but true, protect yourself!

We believe our agency offers the most competitive rates in Vegas. We are affiliated with many large insurance groups and use them as leverage to secure the best possible converge and premium for your home.

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Rental Home Insurance

Las Vegas has many rental homes available. Our insurance agency offers excellent policies for both Renters seeking insurance as well as the home owners that are renting them. Rental homes are a little different that regular home insurance and many renters can end up paying more that what they could be paying for there policy.

Types of home insurance Policies:

There are essentially five kinds of Homeowners Insurance policies on the market. Each one has coverage’s that may be unique depending on the residence being insured.

Homeowners: traditionally cover owner occupied dwellings with limited rental exposures.

Dwelling Fire: is generally for a non-owner occupied property, such as a  rental property.

Renters: cover the personal contents of an insured renting a home or apartment with little to no coverage for the building itself.

Condominium: have characteristics specifically designed to cover building and contents.

Mobile Home: designed specifically for these types of residences that are  generally not attached to real property.

Home Insurance Policy Coverages:

Home insurance can have many features and riders. Below is an explanation of the basic coverages in plain English. Remember, this is just a general description and not policy language. The items below will vary based on the policy type you purchase. These general terms can get you started.

COVERAGE A – Building: This coverage is used to protect the physical structure. Your home should ideally be insured to 100% of its Replacement Cost.

COVERAGE B – Other Structures: Used to protect unattached structures such as a shed, detached garage or an inground swimming pool.

COVERAGE C – Contents: This coverage is for your household belongings.

COVERAGE D – Loss of Use: This pays for you and your family to stay in a hotel if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

COVERAGE E – Personal Liability: Coverage for Bodily Injury or Property Damage that an insured is found to be liable.

COVERAGE F – Medical Payments: Coverage for medical payments to another person regardless of the negligence of an insured person.

What to Expect from a home insurance policy:

We will collect information on you as well as your home. The following information will be needed to accurately quote your policy:

  • Burglar Alarm? If so, does it report to the police or a responding company?
  • Fire Alarm? If so, does it report to the fire department or a responding company?
  • Trampolines?
  • Dogs?
  • Bars on windows? If so, do they have the quick release on the inside of the house?
  • or Slides?
  • Any updates in the Roof, Heating & Cooling system, Plumbing and Electrical?
  • Current mortage company(s)?
  • Is your insurance escrowed? (paid through your mortgage payment) or do you pay it?
  • Have your latest insurance policy handy (if you have one)
  • If you decide to buy you can also expect a Replacement Cost evaluation of your home as part of the process.This is a general estimate only, but will be helpful in determining appropriate coverage.

What to Expect from a home insurance policy:

1. Home Replacement Cost – Always be sure you have an agent or company calculate the replacement cost value of your home. Replacement Cost value is often confused with the Market or Appraised value of your home. Homeowners Insurance typically insures your home not your land. Replacement cost coverage contemplates the cost to replace your home with like kind and quality materials. Market and Appraised values are used for different reasons but are often incorrectly used to determine insurance policy limits.

2. Discounts – Inquire about them; they can range from 2% to 15% depending on the presence of smoke detectors, fire and burglar alarms. Monitored alarm systems go a long way in helping to prevent or detect a potential loss.

3. Content Replacement Cost  – Purchase this on your belongings and your home. This will allow for a new for old replacement of covered items.

4. Personal Liability Limits – buy limits that are in line with your Personal Assets – So often customers choose liability limits based on what sounds good or is cheaper. This is the most inexpensive portion of the policy so buy what you need. Consider a Personal Umbrella policy to extend your coverage to 1 million or more.

5. Scheduling Valuable Items – Consider scheduling your valuable items on your policy or on a “rider”. Remember there are limits on a home policy for certain personal items. You can have the comfort of mind knowing specific valuables are covered to their appropriate valued limit by scheduling them.

6. Deductible – It is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will cover expenses. Keep in mind the higher the deductible the lower the premium or the lower the deductible the higher the premium, but less money out of your pocket if you do have a claim. The policy can be quoted both ways and you can decide what best suits your financial situation.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Danis Fickewirth
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These people are magicians! ... Chris and 360 Insurance IMMEDIATELY understood my business, found a company that not only satisfied the insurance requirements of my future landlord, but also wrote me a NICE policy that ACTUALLY covers risks that my software business faces, such as data breaches, etc. ... I just moved to Las Vegas, and it looks like I finally found my long-term insurance agent for years to come.
Matt Supnick
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Chris at 360 Insurance has been nothing short of amazing. I had a major issue getting homeowners insurance due to a flooding claim. Chris and his team were able to quickly find me an insurer at a good rate. I have also used Chris for my Life Insurance, again he found me a great Term Policy. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from 360 Insurance. I highly recommend.
Cammi Alvrz
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360 Insurance goes above and beyond always! The dedication they have to make sure you are properly taken care of is amazing. I switched from Geico and they saved me over 150.00 a month just on the car insurance alone. They are more than car insurance because they take care of all your insurance needs. I thank Jim and Chris and the entire wonderful staff always. Highly recommend company!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Pami Perea
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I called around trying to get quotes for business liability insurance and agents would not even return my call. I called 360 Insurance and they answered immediately, called me back when the said they would, gave me a great quote and stayed in contact by phone and email. VERY Professional! Thank you! I will be bringing my other needs here !
Adam Kirkes
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I needed car insurance after purchasing a new car and Jim was able to help me find the best rates. I had a lot of questions and Jim was professional, kind and sincere answering and assisting me to secure a great auto insurance coverage. Thanks Jim I look forward to continue working with you.
Sabrina Gum
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I got a super affordable quote for my automobile insurance and on top of that, it was really fast and easy to do. Most companies BS whatever that have to say in order to get your money but with 360 Insurance you can tell that they’re really just interested in taking care of whatever you need!
Iyana Thomas
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This place is great, everyone has great customer service, [they] are amazing. They took care of everything, I called for a car insurance quote and was set up very quickly over the phone. I would definitely recommend this place for your insurance needs.
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